In most cases, you are moving to a smaller and more convenient area to live in. Bring your most cherished items, but don’t overwhelm your apartment or yourself by overcrowding. The Via Christe staff is available to hang pictures and other items when you move in.

2 sets of sheets and pillowcases
2 mattress pads
2 blankets or comforters to fit beds
Sleeping pillows
2 sets of bathing towels, hand towels and washcloths
Shower curtain and hooks

Bring clothing which allows you to feel good and be comfortable
Plenty of undergarments and socks
Shoes (we recommend you bring at least one pair of shoes for outings and exercise)
We recommend to bring at least 7 to 8 outfits, to allow Via Christe time to wash and return your clothing. It is recommended to label or write your last name inside your clothes. All residents’ laundry is washed separately, however, this is a good precaution.
Assisted Living

At Via Christe, we strive to offer as much assistance as necessary, while allowing as much independence as possible. The following services are available to all residents. We provide graduating levels of care as more assistance is required.

bulletBathing and grooming
bulletIncontinence program
bulletOne person transfers
bulletPhysical assistance with mobility
bulletEating and food preparation
bulletMedication management
bulletWeekly/daily vital sign monitoring
bulletDiabetic Care
bulletHousekeeping & laundry more than once per week
bulletTransportation more than once per week
bulletBehavior monitoring
bulletEncouraged socialization

What to Bring
Selecting which items to bring or purchase to decorate your new home can be difficult. At Via Christe, we want you to make yourself at home, and decorate your apartment in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.

The following is a list of suggested items you might want to consider:
Twin or full size bed
Dresser, vanity or other item with drawers
Couch, chairs, love seat and other living room furniture
Photos, favorite pieces of art, wall hangings, etc.
Dinette or small drop leaf table
Night stand(s)
Television set
Coffeemaker, electric teapot, SORRY NO HOT PLATES
Collectibles and knick-knacks
Assisted Living
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Via Christe Assisted Living Center
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